Balint Barna:
Before They Leave Us

Balint Barna is a Hungarian fashion photographer based in London. His photobook, ‘Before They Leave Us’, was shot in Budapest and presents an Instagram-moulded subculture.

The adolescents are unconditionally proud of their heritage, but still have a joint yearning to grow old elsewhere.

The photobook, edited and designed by myself and Balint Barna, was presented at 5 Carlos Place in Mayfair, London, in collaboration with Matches Fashion and Central Saint Martins.

Along with the photobook, a series of promotional images were made using 1950s SSTV technology.

The process involves turning images into a sound or frequency, transmitting them from one location to another, and then receiving them by decoding them back into an image.

This method of image communication joins two locations together; the noise picked up from decoding the frequency creates distorted pixelation and is a representation of that time, place and audio environment.

If two frequencies are transmitted and received at the same time, it is possible to layer them into an audio/digital collage.

© Alastair Vanes         London, United Kingdom