Tyler Matthew Oyer

For the third single and title track released off his latest EP ‘NO TEMPLE’, I worked with Tyler Matthew Oyer on an entirely 3D digitally-designed music video of the same name. 

Over the last 10 years Tyler Matthew Oyer (TMO) has become an internationally recognised visual and performing artist. He is also a writer, organiser, and educator based in Los Angeles.

The NO TEMPLE music video premiered on AQNB; ‘shapeshifting, quicksilver figures morph and contort in a void of harsh beats and explosive synth distortion’.

TMO crafts searing, dramatic pop that fluctuates from tenderness to blistering club-ready electronics. His work reconsiders the past as something not gone, but as material and ideas that live in and through us, shaping how we see ourselves and our world.

NO TEMPLE is a manifesto. I wrote it while reading David Wojnarowicz’s Tape Journals,” TMO writes, “instead of protecting and limiting the body as the Christian tradition has been interpreted, I thought about the body as something radical, rearranged, reimagined, filled with a magnificent and loving agency.” 

“The lyrics demand change. The crumbling of the pillars of supremacy. The rubble from which we will reimagine and rebuild. They want to clear the mountains, they want to clean the bones. They need to be defeated, they need to be dethroned.”

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